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I am Sam Lloyd, a creative and experienced wedding consultant to both wedding venues and wedding suppliers.

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Based in Kent, I have worked at award winning wedding venues in senior management roles for over 10 years.  I have managed the wedding process from the initial excitable enquiry to closing the sale, to upselling, through to delivering the event on the day.  This includes organising food tastings, engagement shoots, wedding shows (both in-house and using external suppliers), invoicing and tactfully chasing couples for payment.   As a bit of a geek, I love wedding stats, as they can support and guide decision making. I’m passionate about delivering exceptional customer service, enjoy trouble shooting and change management.

As the wise wedding owl, I genuinely care about you and your contribution to the Kent Wedding Industry and I want to help make us be the best county in the country for delivering weddings.

So I want to work with business owners, who are also passionate about what they do, to further inspire and energise me, who dedicate their time to making someone else’s day a special memory.

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