Specialist Wedding Consultant for Wedding Venues and Vendors

The Wedding Owl is a specialist wedding business consultant with experience of working with wedding venue owners and wedding suppliers to put together successful strategies; to launch new products or services, pricing packages, training and development etc, to ensure your wedding business is successful in the highly competitive wedding market.

For Wedding Venues, The Wedding Owl offers a professional specialist business consultancy service to specifically offer to:,


  • Assess your unique business proposition and to look for more creative means to incorporate this uniqueness within your marketing strategy, your website, your wedding brochure and other printed collateral
  • Write your targeted press releases
  • Appraise your product range, by looking at what is not working for you and what is working and could work harder for you
  • Help with your marketing and PR to ensure you are connecting with your target audience or if you want to appeal to a new target audience, ensure actions are taken to capture them
  • Assess your selling season, to see if it can be extended
  • Find ways to generate more leads, increase the number of show-arounds and subsequently achieve higher sales, by converting more enquiries into customers
  • Analyse your pricing structure, to identify opportunities to increase income from your fees
  • Analyse costs, to identify areas where you could increase profit
  • Examine your processes, to see where time can be saved by writing scripts and training staff
  • Assess your team, to ensure you are achieving the best results through them
  • Assess the launch of a new product or service, before you go live
  • Work on a distinct project that might include appointing an external caterer or bringing catering in-house
  • Assess standards of presentation and identify how to improve on them.


For Wedding Vendors, The Wedding Owl can offer a professional consultancy service to help you with:


  • Understanding what is unique about your business compared to your competitors
  • Understanding your number one priority for the financial year and drawing up plans to achieve this
  • Increasing sales after your business has perhaps plateaued
  • Pricing of your products or services to try to achieve greater margins
  • Identifying any underlying business issues and identifying actions to improve or eradicate them
  • Writing a marketing plan or updating your current one to support your business plans
  • Writing of your press releases to ensure your updates and improvements are being shared through the appropriate media
  • Preparing your award applications
  • Styling of your wedding fair stand to support your brand and ensure your business stand out from the crowd.

The Wedding Owl can also offer you interim temporary cover for absence from the business, such as for illness or maternity leave.  I can man your wedding fair stand (for when you can’t be in two places at the same time), and can become your go to person for tips and advice.


The Wedding Owl can also offer you interim senior managerial cover for temporary absence from the business, such as for illness or maternity leave.

Using my professional network, I can manage or help you with your wedding fairs, open days or afternoons and styled shoots.

For startup businesses, in particular, there are many parts of the process where costly mistakes can be made or avoided. Whether you are planning on buying a wedding venue, investing in property conversion, hiring or buying equipment, writing a business plan, appointing and training staff, producing a website and designing a wedding brochure, I can advise on all aspects to ensure a successful wedding business.

Because I fully understand that, no one business is the same, and that the wedding industry is becoming increasingly competitive, I believe that I can bring a unique, knowledgeable and experienced perspective, to help you to become more successful.

Just email or ring The Wedding Owl, in confidence, to arrange to meet for a free consultation, to discuss your wedding business and how I can help you.

Sam Lloyd – The Wedding Owl

07957 218340