ProVenue | Hospitality Compliance Training

The ProVenue system is an innovative & effective tool that’s been designed to help improve productivity and lower staff turnover within the hospitality industry.

It’s widely-known that there’s a lack of properly-trained, hospitality professionals. ProVenue provides your team with access to a whole load of E-learning short courses. From Food & Beverage to Front office, Barista to Bar tending. The choices are endless. Your employees can access these courses at the work-place or even at home.

Venue Management Tool

The ProVenue management tool is an intuitive suite of tools that has been designed to help with the everyday management of your establishment/venue. The management tool will help you document & keep on top of the day to day compliance-led duties. Things like Incident Management, Audit Inspection Management & a fully interactive appraisal system. You can find out more about this by filling out the form below.

To find out more about ProVenue and to enquire about a free trial, please fill out the following form: & we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

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