So, let’s get Backlinking this New Year and share the love!

What are Backlinks and why is link building so important to your wedding business?

When another website, webpage, or web directory (the referrer) links to your website (the referent) or vice versa, this is known as a Backlink.  Link building is all about the process of developing web links with other pertinent wedding related companies.

Backlinks are important as they help with your website rankings, as essentially, they help your business to be found on search engines by potential clients.  So inevitably, if your wedding website has lots of links to other wedding related suppliers, or other local vendors, then your website will tend to rank higher on search engines like Google.  However, your backlinks must be ‘relevant’ to your business and must be of ‘quality’.

What are the advantages of using Backlinks for your wedding business?

You can include Backlinks anywhere on your website.  If for instance, you are a wedding photographer and you are a recommended supplier at a wedding venue in France, and ideally you want more work at that venue, it makes perfect sense for you to add the venue’s www link onto your website.  You could do this simply by adding a list of venue website address you like, enjoy or want to work more at, but a more effective way would be to write a blog about a wedding assignment taken at the venue, so that you can share it with the venue and on your social media.  That way, when a couple is looking for a wedding venue, your listing might appear higher than another photographer offering the same or similar services.

If the venue includes your website on their recommended supplier page, then you will have even more potential to be found by warm leads as this means you are now Backlinked and search engines can comfortably roam from your site to the venue’s or vice versa.

Takeaway – Make a list of companies that you can contact about linking.

How important are Backlinks to Google?

When a potential client types a search into Google, links from one site to another help them navigate between internet pages and enable the searcher to find the most relevant piece of information.  The better the client can navigate, the quicker they can find what they are looking for, the better their experience.  Google therefore actively encourages web owners to foster good links and ‘rewards’ well linked websites by ranking them higher in the search results.

Once you understand the importance of Backlinks, it is not surprising to learn that it is more difficult for search engine bots to find your site the fewer Backlinks you have fostered.  Search engine bots can better discover new websites by following Backlinks from an existing, more established websites. Only when the bots have discovered your website can they effectively crawl your website.  As a new wedding business this means, as part of your launch strategy, you need to focus time and energy on getting onto other relevant company’s websites quickly.

For instance, becoming a recommended supplier to the more established wedding venues should be a priority.  In order to become a recommended wedding supplier, one of your strategies might be, to agree to work with a team of other wedding vendors to deliver a styled shoot, as that way the venue should credit you on their web post, social media and, if it’s a great styled shoot, could even lead to you being exposed on a website with thousands of followers.

Takeaway – If you would like to know more about what’s involved in a styled shoot follow the link to

How do you foster quality of Backlinks?

When searching for their ‘next purchase’, couples tend to click on links voluntarily, For instance, once they have booked their wedding venue, then their next purchase might be catering or booking a photographer.  They are also more likely to stay on your page if the Backlink takes the browsing couples to actual pictures of other couples getting married at the wedding venue they have booked, as this gives them confidence and builds trust that you can deliver their day at said venue.

Takeaway – Don’t forget, if you are made a recommended supplier, ask for a link to your website on the venue’s website and don’t forget to return the ‘favour’ by adding theirs onto your website.

What are other ways to acquire quality backlinks?

Backlinks should be natural, that is, they should make sense being on your website.  For example, if you offer bridal hair services and love working with hair extensions, then by all mean add a link to the bridal hair extension company you use and ideally get them to add you as a supplier of their hair extensions, but I don’t recommend adding your plumber – even if it’s your partner’s business, as this can confuse your potential clients.   Here are some other ways to improve your Backlinks:

  1. Write awesome wedding blogs and don’t forget to credit with Backlinks all of the other contributors and then share the blog, promote the blog on social media and ask the other contributors to add your details on their website
  2. Research your competitors’ Backlinks and approach the listed companies to see if they would consider including your website link – but don’t forget to convey the advantages of adding you
  3. Approach companies and ask if they would like you to write a guest blog to appear on their website, and if published makes for a great for social media story for you and them
  4. Join free wedding web directories and importantly set up free business listing accounts in this order (but do be prepared for yell to call you):

  1. Join the major wedding web directories who target recently engaged couples, to generate leads – of course this will depend on your marketing budget, – for instance or and/ or  These are quality Backlinks and should give you a ‘badge’ to make this even easier for you
  2. Set yourself up on LinkedIn – here’s my profile in case you want to check out my journey to becoming The Wedding Owl
  3. Enter into competitions such as successful, and you become a finalist, you will be sent a ‘badge’ which again should come with an automatic Backlink that will last around 12 months
  4. Get included in a digital Bridal Magazine – you can focus on styled shoots, real weddings or product placement and if successful don’t forget to find as many ways to share as possible
  5. If you use a free online tool why not thank the company by adding a Backlink for instance I like to use

Takeaway – Remember that the quality of your Backlinks is far more important than the quantity, so think of them as two-way conversations.  Remember a website linked to by many other web pages, about the same or similar topics is considered more respected and valuable by potential clients.


Photos are a blast from my past by the fabulous and makeup by his adorable wife taken at Livingstone Cottage now known as Giraffe Cottage