Favors are not just for Wedding guests. Why saying thank-you, properly, can help to promote your wedding business, free of charge?

If you are thanking your clients after they book an aspect of their wedding with you, that is great news. Also if you are thanking them after their wedding, then even better.  But you might be still missing an opportunity to make your thank-yous work harder.

Do you believe you are you effectively saying thank you?

For Marketers, saying thank-you is about much more than just being polite, and they might argue that it’s one of the important elements of a solid Marketing Communication Strategy as saying thank-you properly can be an essential soft tool, that can pay back in terms of goodwill.  A main benefit of saying thank-you, is that it not only shows your appreciation, and that you value the business and want to remain in the forefront of the recipient’s mind for future business events but secondary benefits include showing attention to detail and the ability to follow through on tasks, both of which are important business traits.  But the third and most important reason for saying thank-you when running your own business, is that it can, if done well, bring financial dividends.


So do you have a proper thank-you process in place?

Obviously the type of thank-you depends on the situation and the relationship between the sender and the receiver. Because weddings are so unique, marketing your wedding-related products and services requires a more focused approach. Also a thank-you should be sent as quickly as possible, while the update is still fresh in the recipient’s mind, ideally on the same or next day after the update.  If you don’t have a proper thank-you process in place I would start to incorporate one now so that you take every opportunity to bring in those financial dividends.


After a client makes the decision to make you part of their wedding day, they are often euphoric, so immediately after having received a deposit, you should:

  1. Thank/ congratulate the couple for their booking
  2. Remind them of the other services you offer, that they didn’t book, e.g. if a florist and the bride has booked her bouquet, button holes and flower girls’ crowns – there is no harm in reminding her that if she would like to add corsages, for the mother of the bride and groom, all you require is an email, with 10 days’ notice and payment received by BACs
  3. Inform them of an event you are attending, such as, I will be at wedding fair on if they are around to attend


Are you spreading the news? 

  1. With Social Media, why not ask couples to share their wedding update with their wedding guests, that promotes you free of charge to their peers.

I would recommend creating a number of thank-you templates.  As a DJ you might want to generate something like:

Many thanks Sam & Leigh, its official you have now booked me to DJ at your wedding reception on 1st January 2020 at 19.00 at The Darling Buds Farm.  I hope you are as excited about working with me, as I am about DJing for you, I really can’t wait to share your big day. 

 If at a later date, you change your mind and want to entertain your guests during the day, you can still add my Photo Booth; just drop me an email, 10 days before the event and make a BACS payment, or if you want a catch up on my other services, I will be at The Old Kent Barn Wedding Fair on Sunday 10th June 2019

In the meantime, if you want to spread the good news here are some easy ways to share your update on Instagram and Facebook (please feel free to amend):

For Instagram

Booked DJ

For Facebook


ExcitedThen post wedding, you should have your next thank-you template lined up, just make sure it is timely and sincere, is easy to share and importantly you up sell, such as, I can’t wait to be with you at your next celebration.


So on that note: