Generate new leads

After hosting a successful wedding, are you piggybacking off of it, to generate new leads?

In this blog, published in latest edition of The Wedding Business Magazine, I help you to capitalise on every wedding held at your venue.


I do – share the love on social media

If you manage a wedding venue, after a great wedding your work should not come to an end when you lock up the property.

Assuming that the couple is thrilled with their choice of vendors, the venue team delivered exactly what was wanted or ideally exceeded expectations and their photographer wants more work – you should, post-event, all consider how you can best use social media to drum up more work.

Post-event is THE TIME when you need to get busy, be creative and take advantage of the free social media platforms as part of your marketing workflow – as I do – this is really the time to consider how best to share the love.

Socially aware couples are increasingly finding wedding inspiration and ideas through social media. They use social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to find wedding information and tips. This wealth of information can be found at any time and whilst on the move on their smartphones.  So if you are not across these social channels your competitors probably are.


Couples are also using social media to make informed decisions  – The UK Wedding Report 2017 published that couples read on average 7.6 reviews.  So if you are still putting your wonderful thank you cards in a nice guest book, the wider audience isn’t seeing them.  Publish them on social media now!


The wedding industry is incredibly competitive, so successfully getting couples to your website, to ask for that all important quote and ultimately show-around, takes a blend of skilled content marketing and social networking. So as a venue or vendor you need to be active on as many social media platforms as possible, by:


  • assuming the photographer is social media savvy they will probably write and share a blog. If not, you should consider writing one, as blogs serve as lead generators.  The easiest way for couples to find your service is online through keyword search, so get creative when writing your blog
  • submitting images to wedding bloggers (but do check each of their etiquette guides) as brides love real weddings and pushing out your content on popular blogs gives your brand the chance to appear in front of a highly targeted and often large audience
  • sharing your behind the scenes images, like when the wedding cake turns up in an open top car!
  • taking pictures before and after an event and perhaps when you post, call it something like Transformation Tuesday
  • asking couples to review your venue or service on pages like TripAdvisor and then re-share on for example Facebook
  • adding testimonials to your website
  • sharing real wedding images. Don’t forget to congratulate the couple and thank the photographer by linking to their Facebook – that way the photographer’s followers also see your venue
  • putting up a sneak peek of a wedding but don’t forget Social Media Etiquette – never share on the day, as couples will often ask their guests not to post until the next day. Oh and never share anything unflattering
  • using any custom hashtags that couples have commissioned – it is probably a witty hashtag, and gives something of the couples personalities, but importantly it also means anyone who attended the wedding who uses social media can see and share the images
  • putting together a get the look post, that way you can share every supplier involved
  • using key images to inspire your Facebook followers through ideas like throwback Thursdays or flashback Fridays
  • curating a collection of images, for example to celebrate an event, like Father’s or Mother’s Day taken from a number of weddings.


My own social preference is Facebook, as it is free, as it allows me the option to boost a post or story.  I do this when I believe a wedding or event really speaks to the venue’s target audience, or I want to reach a new group, as Facebook advertising really enables you to target specific people – for instance engaged couples local to your venue.


Take home

  • Keep your photostream on social media fresh, ideally using real weddings at your venue
  • Ensure you know every supplier’s handle who works at your wedding venue and follow them. This is really the networking aspect, liking and sharing if they post a flattering image of an aspect of a wedding at your venue
  • Include every vendor who helps deliver that event within your post, as it could result in a like or even a vendor sharing your post
  • Post updates, with engaging content and videos to increase your chances of appearing in your follower’s feeds
  • Share, tag and credit properly – it is how you build audiences
  • Put together an events calendar, so that you are social on a regular and consistent basis
  • Don’t forget to keep your website up to date and include the very best of your images. The more time you spend driving traffic to your website, by increasing your exposure through social media, the less you’ll want to lose a lead simply because your website isn’t on brand
  • If you don’t have the time or don’t want to get bogged down in social media, employ an expert who can build followers and network circles.


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