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How can venues get more couples or event planners to book their venue?

There are many ways for venues to increase the number of bookings, but one of the most successful ways is to ensure that the venue continually raises awareness of its facilities, services and products – the type of events it can and wants to deliver.

It is my belief that in order to achieve this, venues need a Communications Strategy.  The strategy should include, advertising, the website and PR.


We all know that advertising and communicating through social media is a great method of continually raising awareness.  However, this can be conducted at a lower cost if a venue has its own substantial database of potential clients and followers.

So a major part of a venues Comms Strategy has to be the introduction of several simple methods to increase the size of its databases which includes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Every venue must spend quality time on ensuring that its website is up-to-date and provides, not only information, but also ensures that it is really selling the venue, by speaking to the target audience in a tone of voice and a language that the audience really ’hears’.

In addition to this, potential clients now expect to see an extensive portfolio of real up-to-date weddings.  So venues must now spend an increasing amount of time uploading high-quality images, showing the venue at its very best.  This requires a lot of work, but it’s one of the most important tools a venue can have to showcase the product and service.  Sorting the images strategically needs to be an integral part of the process – as creating a good gallery slideshow on the website really is becoming a crucial factor in helping couples to decide on their wedding venue.

The website should also point all new potential clients to the venue’s modern databases; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as these platforms should be the key way to communicate with both potential and booked clients.



PR and communications

The venue should consider regular news-worthy emails to their followers, sharing interesting stories, photographs and news that advertise what’s-on, when and what the client needs to do in order to participate or interact – the call to action.

Venues should consider sharing general industry news stories; from wedding dress necklines to hemlines; helpful tips and advice to couples.  Even if the couples don’t go on to book, the venue can become the go-to place on trends and what is happening.  If the news is really interesting and it has the potential to be shared, then your reach can be even greater.

Another successful share for venues is about what their chosen suppliers are up to on their social media.  Please see my two-part blog on

And part two

Venues should also consider publishing their own press releases – so they will also need to build up a good database of bloggers and magazines, or they should consider employing a professional to write and share, especially for a big newsworthy story like the building of an extension or winning an award.

It is also a good idea for venues to ask suppliers and even event organisers (especially of community-led events) to write and issue their own press releases, which the venue should in turn share.

With a good Comms Strategy in place, clients and the public should receive constant but helpful reminders of what the venue is up to and get a sense of how busy it is, so that if they want to book, they are fully aware of the need to act quickly and decisively, as the dates are going-going-gone.

If the venue gets its communications right, it should mean that the clients stay subscribed, ’like’ and share posts, but more importantly, the venues database increases, which should lead to increased bookings.


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If you would like help or support writing a Communications Strategy, devising a tone and language that works for your unique venue, writing and sharing press releases, need a trusted expert to give you feedback on your slideshow gallery and what can be done to make it work harder for you, or to just learn more ways of securing bookings, please contact The Wedding Owl for a free two-hour consultation session.