After a busy summer wedding season, why would you want to get engaged?

You already know there really is LOVE in the air between Christmas and Valentine’s, and that traditionally, this period is referred to as the Engagement ‘Season’, but I’m not just talking about for couples.  For wedding venues and vendors this should be an exciting time, when you need to be at the top of your game as this has to be your most engaging time of the year.

To emphasise the importance of this period chillisauce* kindly shared a Marriage Proposal Survey on November 23rd 2015.  What is incredible is that of the 10,000 people surveyed, a staggering 80% got engaged over the Christmas to Valentines stretch, with 40% over the Christmas period alone.

What does this mean for you as a wedding venue or vendor? 

Between October to December, to ensure you are ready to share in the happy couple’s engagement news, you need to do your preparatory work.  If for example Photographers are on their game, during this period, they should have the opportunity to really engage with couples and book a package that might include some or all of the following:

  1. An engagement shoot
  2. An engagement party
  3. Save the date image
  4. Hen party
  5. Stag do
  6. Beauty trail
  7. Rehearsal dinner
  8. The wedding
  9. And (if you get really lucky) a honey shoot2016-07-22_0028

So if you want to really engage, and ensure the next year is as busy or even busier, as winter approaches and the nights start to draw in, you should consider:

  • (All) revisiting your pricing – is it competitive, reflecting your target audience etc? Making sure you are using the most on trend words – Honeymoons has now been shortened to Honeys
  • (All) revisiting your packages – are they taking advantage of new Pinterest Trends, is there more you could be doing?
  • (All) checking out predictions for the forthcoming year – ensuring your website reflects them, as this will show you are on the ball
  • (All) checking all of your printed collateral – is it up to date and do you have enough to see you through this critical spike? This includes your business card and flyers, brochures etc. – why not work with a designer to ensure they are all on brand and support each other?
  • (All) taking stock of your social media accounts – looking at which articles got the most hits or shares and then incorporate this new found information in your next year’s writings
  • (Venues) booking key dates – for your open days, open afternoons and evenings and invite your vetted preferred suppliers before they get booked by another venue
  • (Chair covers, florists, stationery designers, DJs ) courting the local or best venues – getting onto their preferred supplier list or ask if you can leave a sample book of your best work, but please note some venues will only take books that show your work at their venue
  • (Photographers) Compiling a blog about the top 10 images/ favorite moments – posting in early December so ensuring your website is showing your best and most up to date work
  • (Cake makers) blogging your favorite cakes and why – perhaps the most challenging to make or even deliver?
  • (All) trying to get your top 10 featured – perhaps on a popular blog site or one that reflects your target audience
  • (All) adding your top 10 on Instagram – it is free
  • (All) sending clients, who haven’t reviewed you yet, a Christmas message – asking them to add a review in December, then share the best on Facebook and on your testimonial page, (as word of mouth is by far the best recommendation and it is free)
  • (All) placing any adverts or banners – to go out in the December/January issues
  • (All) revisiting your SEOs – your work might have changed over the last year so just check they are capturing your style etc
  • (All) Checking all your listings – looking if there are new free opportunities that have come on board eg Keep it in Kent directory
  • (All) placing a advert – making sure it is pertinent and ideally seasonal
  • (All) #Hashtaging – all things and all people

2016-07-13_0037Obviously there are some exceptions to this – Jewelers must be ready for their own rush on diamond rings pre-Christmas and pre-Valentine’s market, mostly focussing on grooms, but also plan for those awkward returns moments in January and March

So, after a busy summer, don’t be tempted to put your feet up, or get wrapped up in the spirit of the season, this really is a time for you to do your ground work, and then enjoy capitalizing on all the LOVE filling up your diary with advanced bookings.  If you don’t know where to begin give me a ring to book a free two-hour consultation.

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