Why is blogging consistently so important to your wedding business?

If you LOVE your wedding business, why wouldn’t you want to constantly ‘talk’ about it and share news on what you do and why you do it.  Blogging consistence is a marketing tool, readily available to you which enables you to achieve this whilst helping you to build:

  • couples’ confidence
  • brand awareness
  • loyalty
  • trust
  • your authority
  • your value.

I enjoy blogging, mostly because I understand that regularly publishing fresh content, adds value to my website, gives me an opportunity to knowledge-drop (I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills and experience of the wedding industry) and can lead to sales (my ultimate passion; I love selling).

As a freelance writer for the wedding industry, part of my role is to consistently ghost blog for a number of clients, who understand and appreciate the importance of blogging, but who state:

  • “I hate writing blogs”
  • “I just can’t seem to find the time“
  • “I can’t think what to write”
  • “I don’t understand why blogging is important”
  • “I don’t know how to even start to write a blog let alone do it consistently”
  • “I just don’t feel confident writing blogs”
  • “I don’t need to blog – everything they need to know is in my Ts and Cs”
  • “I’ve nothing new to say”
  • “I fully understand that Google and other search engines tend to give more weight and SEO boosts to websites that update their content regularly, but blogging is not my strength.”

Sound familiar? These, are some of the reasons I hear from wedding business owners, both venue and vendors, who don’t like blogging.  And, even acknowledged that, working in the wedding industry, it really can be hard to find the time to write blogs. I fully understand that hosting weddings over the summer high season leaves little to no time to write my own personal blog and I know oh so well that a long absence, means you can lose followers.

But now October has arrived, and I have the time again to write, I thought I would get back to blogging and share with you why it is important to blog and not only that, (note to self), blog consistently but, without compromising on quality. Balancing the relationship between quality and frequency is key to successfully growing your online presence and gaining new clients.

Why is it worth blogging and why should you blog consistently?

There are several reasons why blogging about your wedding business, on a consistent basis can make a difference to your sales.  For some people, a consistent basis is going to mean daily, or weekly, while for others once a month will be adequate. so set up a marketing plan and put together a schedule and ensure you stick with it.  That way your followers can get excited about your latest post.

Publishing blogs consistently doesn’t happen over a day or two.  It takes time, dedication and commitment to become a consistent blogger.

You also need an understanding that you are not going to see immediate results.  Whilst the numbers of people reading your blogs might be low it can leave you feeling disappointed.  But, don’t get demoralised, you need to understand being read and gaining followers isn’t going to happen overnight, but blogging gives you a really good chance of becoming noticed.

Remember that if couples, when looking for wedding products or services, find your blog or blogs through search engines like Google, they are more inclined to spend time reading your blog.  Reading your blogs helps your audience to connect with you on a deeper level, as blogging helps you to show a more personal side to your business. It’s a question of quality of the couples searching (i.e. warm leads), not the number of visits. But of course, if you can achieve both, it’s how you become a successful wedding industry leader.  Why?  Because when couples are typically researching something specific, they are seeking information that perhaps your competition is not providing. So, when they discover your blog, if it goes some way to answering their question, they are more likely to take in your information as they want answers to their gaps in information.

IF, (and it’s a big IF) your blog is captivating, answers their questions, is a good read, and is inspiring, the longer they are likely to spend time on your site and the more likely they are going to want to hire you over your competition, as you have already given them something – confidence.

Takeaway – the longer couples stay on your site ’getting to know you’ the more confident they become, inevitably the more likely they are to buy your product or service over someone else.

How can blogging increase repeat visits to my wedding website?

During the wedding planning process, that usually takes around 18 months from the booking of the wedding venue until the big day, newly released blogs encourage couples to routinely visit your site, especially because we work in an industry where this is often the first time a couple will have ever planned a wedding.  These repeat visits should result in booking but could also result in an upsell.

If couples perceive you as a wedding industry authority and regularly read your blog, they start to look forward to reading your next blog. You therefore inevitably disappoint them if you don’t post consistently, they can lose confidence and become disappointed, as they value your opinion/ tips and insights into something that is currently important to them.

Takeaway – The absence of new posts can test couples’ loyalty and can lead to anxiety which could result in them cancelling their booking with you, even after paying a deposit.

Perhaps you do have a dedicated well written Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page but these don’t tend to be very ’sexy’ and simply having one is not enough and can make you look lazy or even old fashioned. Google rewards brands that publish fresh, up to date consistent, informative content that provides value to visitors. Blogging therefore remains the best way to achieve this. Clients tend to only read your FAQs if they are thinking of signing your contract, not to find out what sort of company you are, and what you value etc.

Blogs therefore present an opportunity for you to answer the questions associated with your products and services, as well as your industry, in a more detailed or targeted manner, so enabling you to build trust as you can overcome barriers to a sale.

Takeaway – the more potential clients get to know you (after all people buy people) and what you can expertly deliver, the easier it is to convert information ‘searchers’ into customers.

How can blogging increase my authority within the wedding industry?

A carefully written blog does not feel like a sales pitch but does give a sense of authority as it allows you to include keywords and topics that significantly enable Google (and other search engines) to find your site, on behalf of those couples looking for answers.  Couples start considering you a thought leader in the topics that you write about and, post-wedding, are more likely to recommend you to other couples.  And if, for instance, your product or service can be used for other occasions – if you’re a DJ, Florist, Photographer etc, you can find yourself picking up bookings for other events or commercial work.

Takeaway – Regular posting of blogs puts you closer to your target customer and increases your chances of making a sale.

How does blogging help my social media?

Once you have published a new blog it can help you with your customer relationships.  You can use social media platforms to announce your latest blog, use quotes, statistics or any interesting points you have gathered. This, in turn, drives traffic back to your website.  Go on, post that you’re excited to share your latest or first ever blog, after all, we all know how much effort you have put into writing it.  Your audience will soon discover that you are providing useful, fun and unique content pertinent to your wedding industry speciality.

Need help blogging?

Blogging gives you the opportunity to create relevant content, interact directly with potential couples, is an efficient way to put out relevant and timely information and is one of the most inexpensive ways to market your product or service.

However, blogging successfully great content, consistently takes time and is the hardest part of blogging.  But that doesn’t mean blogging is impossible. If you would like to get started blogging or writing better and consistent wedding blogs, ideally before the Engagement season, see my blog https://theweddingowl.com/after-a-busy-summer-wedding-season-why-would-you-want-to-get-engaged/ and contact me for a free two-hour consultation.

Now, where is my business marketing plan?  Would ‘keywords’ for your wedding business blogs be something you would like me to write about next?

Takeaway – Your investment in generating more and better content in your blogs and published consistently will generate more and better traffic. 

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