Why are keywords so important to your wedding business?

With the engagement season speedily approaching, and the wedding season behind you, getting your website to work harder for you is a must do! Why? Because from the weekend before Christmas to the end of March is the time of the year when most couples get engaged, so it’s your opportunity to fill your books.  If you haven’t heard of the engagement season, please read my blog

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As promised in my last Wedding Business Blog, I said I would address keywords and their importance to your business.  Because one of the ways you can make your website work even harder for you is to look at the words you have used to describe your wedding business, product or service, and ask yourself:

  • are the words working hard enough for me?
  • are the words up to date? For instance, whilst the term bridesmaids is still really important (see the WordStream table below), if you want a younger crowd, now it’s all about the bridestribe
  • are the words getting you the right clients – for instance do you want to start working with a different demographic to your typical couple?
  • are your clients motivated by price and not the quality of your product or service?
  • is your website on brand – do your words feel personal and reflect your brand or new direction?

If when you take a reread of your website, you say “no” to any of the above questions, then it’s time to do some serious rewriting, and this Wedding Business Blog is just for you.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases that your potential clients are typing into search engines, such as Goggle, right now! This is because they are looking to find a particular wedding product or service.  Such as:

  • Wedding
  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding dress high street
  • Wedding dress Willowby (a particular designer)
  • Wedding dress shop near me
  • Wedding dress alterations
  • Wedding dress Cleaning

And of course, as the engagement season beginnings:

  • Engagement rings
  • Alternative engagement rings
  • Engagement rings near me
  • Individual engagement rings


Potential clients type these types of words or phrases into search engines in order to:

–  help identify where they can buy them from – for instance from a local stockist or from aboard

–  undertake a price comparison

– find information on a particular product, service or issue, that could be identifying a local stockist

– see what they could pair them with – such as matching bridal shoes to bridal dresses etc.

How do you identify the keywords your potential wedding clients are searching for?

As a wedding business, identifying the right keywords, that your potential clients are searching for should be very important to you.  Certainly, if you want your business to be found by your target client.  You therefore need to think and start to ask questions just like your client would.

BUT, to stand any chance of being found and (harder still), to stand out in the wedding industry – a highly crowded marketplace – you also need to ensure your website is:

– secure

– and fast to load.


In the wedding industry we are often interacting with clients who have never got married before, so everything you can do to build confidence and trust is so important.  A slow loading, unsecure website would make me question the quality and validity of the company  – would it you?

Takeaway – it’s really not an expensive investment to make your website secure, so ask your website host to resolve this as a matter of priority.  Follow this up by reducing the size of your images for faster loading and then you can concentrate on writing better content.

What wedding keywords should I rank on search engines with?

Some keywords, for your wedding business will be obvious, but it won’t be a surprise to learn that the more obvious the keywords the harder it is to rank for them.  According to WordStream the most popular keywords (what your potential clients are typing in now), in our industry on the 17.10.19 are:

So how do you stand out on search engines, in a crowded wedding marketplace?

For your website to stand out, you next need to identify your ‘long tail keywords’ which are often defined as any search query with four or more words.  Finding ‘long tail keywords’ is therefore the next logical step for instance:

  • Broad keywords: Wedding
  • Short keywords: Wedding venue
  • Medium keywords: Wedding venue Kent
  • Long tail keywords: Wedding venue Kent Canterbury
  • Longer tail yet: Wedding Venue Canterbury town centre

By honing your keywords, you are more likely to be found, for example, by someone specifically looking for a wedding venue within Canterbury town centre.

What do you do once your have identified your Keywords?

Once you have identified your longtail list of keywords, it is time to start planning your blogs for the next 12 months around them!  Remember, to focus on creating high quality, good content built around your keywords; by this I mean your blogs must contain useful information to help you get found.  So using the example above, your could blog about ‘The top ten reasons why it is a good idea to marry within Canterbury Town Centre?’ – you could write about the hotels guests could stay at, the bars they could go to for the night before the wedding, the restaurants to meet at the day after the wedding etc.

Some free tools I recommend, to help you find your longtail keywords

  • Google auto suggest. If you type a question into goggle for instance xxx you will notice Google auto suggests other questions that searchers are inputting
  • Google related searches show you at the bottom of the screen, other search criteria that previous customers have input
  • To create your webpage content or when writing blogs, if you need some ideas for keywords I like https://analytics.moz.com/pro/keyword-explorer

Takeaway – make it a habit to play close attention to the words you use on your website and within your blogs, to ensure you are engaging with the right clients

Why do you need to keep on top of what is on trend within your wedding industry sector?

If for instance, Wedding Cake decor changes from naked to semi-naked, you need to ensure that you are not only talking to the clients in your bakery, or at wedding fairs about semi-naked, but your website also needs to reflect this change.  So, if for example, you go to an industry Wedding Fair, why not write some great copy on the latest wedding cake trends – such as ‘The Pros and Cons of a Naked Wedding Cakes’ – this shows that you are:

  • taking an active interest in what is happening within your own wedding sector
  • giving valuable information, free of charge, to couples who might never have ordered a wedding cake before
  • helping improve your SEO
  • showing couples that they can trust you as you know what you are talking about.

Takeaway – follow my Facebook Page The Wedding Owl for insights and trends

How can you increase your pricing by changing your Keywords?

If you are getting too many bookings and would like to get more quality wedding bookings, or you want to increase your price, here is a fantastic info graphic and information on how @brideappeal helped Martha increase her pricing.

wedding keywords infographic
The above infographic provided by http://brideappeal.com

Need help with keywords?

If you would like to write better blogs to publish consistently, see my blog:



Or if you would like wedding business coaching or mentoring please contact me direct.  I offer wedding venues and vendors a free two-hour business consultation session, when you can discuss your area or areas of concern that might include marketing, lack of a business plan, improving conversion of showarounds to bookings, training, etc.  I’m based in Kent but happy to travel to London and the home counties etc if you are prepared to pay travel and expenses.  In the first instance please send me an email at info@theweddingowl.com just to give me a brief intro to you and your business then we can agree a good time to chat.


Takeaway – Your investment in writing better blogs and publishing them consistently will generate more and better traffic.


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